About Us

Our Company

T.G.R. was established in 1977 with the purpose of machining mechanical components for third parties.

It started life as a small manufacturing company and has developed into a solid and dynamic company operating in a variety of high-tech sectors through milling and turning using CNC machinery.

The core business is based on machining, such as turning, milling and grinding in order to produce mechanical parts according to drawings and specifications directly supplied by Customers.

The current facility offers a complete service, starting from the procurement of the raw materials or semi-finished products, continuing with mechanical machining processes (turning, milling and grinding), assembly, welding and testing. The solid cooperation established with external partners provides a finished product, which can include surface finishes, galvanizing and heat treatments

The success and customer satisfaction is the result of the desire to improve the quality and competitiveness of services through ongoing economic investments.

Deep checks on the various stages of production in addition to check data sheets about the finished product, guarantee safe quality which responds to the size and aesthetic features requested.

The versatility and facility of T.G.R., as well as the vast experience in the sector, allows to continuously adapt to the needs of a constantly changing market. Important collaborations with International Clients have been achieved in the last years.

T.G.R. currently occupies 7.000 mq (4.500 m² covered surface), employs about 80 collaborators and avails of production departments equipped with different type of CNC.