Technical and Planning Department


Data Collection System

A system which provides all the information required for production has made it possible to make a further step forward in production control. All the data collected by dedicated terminals are then processed by the competent office to estimate costs, draw up a production plan, manage resource workload, check needs, track the material handling operations, optimise contract work and monitor the production properly.


Technical and programming department:

The order reaches the technical department and a study is conducted on the component to be produced to decide on the machining method to use, the tools to use, the clamping of the piece and, where necessary, the design and realization of the dedicated equipment.

The NC files are processed in the programming department using 3D CAD-CAM software to optimize component production times.

All files are stored in a database. Various documents relating to the machining phase (photos, testing data sheets, special notes…) are attached to each file which is classified by a design code and customer name making them unique.